Vera Surdina, Dierctor, 'Neue Musikakademie' - Piano Instructor.

Vera studied at and graduated from the State Cobservatory
M. I. Glinka-Konservatorium in Gorkiy (Russia).

Subsequently, she taught at College of Music in Samara (Russia), became a well known soloist (Piano) as well as a chamber-musician.

Vera attended a variety of 'Master Classes' of well established Russian pianists such as T. Gutmann, B. Maranz and V. Himmelfarb to name a few.

As a chambermusician, Vera gaines notariety, performing in Russia and winning several prestigeous competitions.

From 1985 until 1995, Vera lives in Moscow (Russia) working at the renowned S. Prokofiew-Musicschool.

In 1995, she moves to Düssedorf (Germany), working as a successful musicteacher with an excellent reputation in her field.

She is a member of the 'Deutscher Tonkünstlerverband (DTKV)'.

Driven by her dream to pass on her tremendeously valueable experience, she opened the 'Neue Musikakademie' in 2002. This undertaking has proven to be an instant success. Some of her students have moved on to win competitions or persue a career as professional concertpianists.