The goal of the academy is to foster and advance musical enthusiasm, abilities and talents in kids and adults.

Individual classes, according to abilities and goals of the student.

Our academy provides a solid musical education, the foundation and preparation for the admittance to a music school/college.

A complex and deep experience which not only leads to the grasp of the selected instrument, but provides a solid glimpse into the world of music theory as well.

We treat music theory as a seperate subject, which will enable the student to pass the entrance examination of any music school/college.

Our classes are conducted by professional staff/teachers with proven records and longstanding experience.

We organize frequently competitions, open to the public, and our students are expected to participate.

Public competitions will help the student to gain confidence, strength-of-play/interpretation and exposure.

Moreover, we assist in the solutions of technical probelms/deficits of the piano for our students.

Needless to say, we do NOT subscribe to any age limitation foe admission to the academy.